Whats My Style?

September 20, 2013 by Reed Design Build


Reed Design Build Team

The Team at Reed Design Build

When planning a custom remodel I feel one of the most important questions you should consider is your style.  I don’t think most people don’t fit into a definitive style, who would want a “cookie-cutter design” anyway.  Everyone has a style that’s as unique as a thumbprint.  It’s developed by life experiences, current color trends, media, and technology or even by season (think if you redecorate for the holidays) and the one place that is the most unique representation of your style is your home.

From your souvenirs to artwork to even existing light fixtures, your home already reveals a glimpse of your style even if you want to change or freshen it up a bit.  Sometimes it’s a bit difficult for you to see the overall concept because you see it every day.  Or maybe you like certain pieces but don’t know where to move forward.   As a designer, when I look at a home, I see things from a different perspective, a bit like a design detective. I take in décor and notice tiny details. It’s those details that tell me what homeowner tastes are…Why did I suggest exotic wood over painted cabinetry or those birdcage knobs or wrought iron pulls?  It was an accumulation of clues in the home that let me know it would be just right.   With careful selection of materials and colors coupled with functional space plan we can create a design that captures a style that is all your own.

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