I hear stories about how stressful these remodeling projects can be. Why are they stressful?

Kitchens or bathrooms are central rooms in your home that are key to your family life. When these rooms become upset, the family becomes upset. Ways to help the stress are to have realistic expectations about how long the project will take, have alternative arrangements for cooking or bathing, and make sure the family is ready to have people in their home to work on the project. At Reed Design Build, we understand this can be an emotional time. We will provide you with project schedules and remain in constant communication to let you know how the project is coming along.

Can you do the entire remodeling project?

We handle all parts of a kitchen or bathroom remodeling project including the electrical, plumbing, carpentry, and installation work. We offer a large product selection so you have a one-stop-shop for your countertops, flooring, fixtures, lighting, and cabinetry selections. Our countertop products can be a very basic laminate to more customized laminate, to Solid Surface (like a Corian), to granite or ceramic tile. The flooring can be vinyl, laminate, tile, wood, or be some of the more unique products such as Marmoleum or cork. Our cabinet options can range from re-coloring, to re-facing with new doors, to a few new custom pieces, to all new cabinets.

How long before my remodeling project will be done?

The length of time will be based on how complicated the project is, how quick decisions can be made, the manufacturing lead-time of products, any changes to the design, and any “surprises” found during the construction phase. If we break down the project into phases it will help to better determine the time a project takes.

  1. The Design Phase is also known as the planning phase. It is the part of the project when you are working with your consultant and/or the contractor to determine what the new space will look like. This phase could last anywhere from one week to six months, however the average is four weeks for significant remodeling projects.
  2. The Contract Phase is from the contract signing date until the actual construction starts. In this phase, the materials are ordered, the subcontractors are hired, and a construction schedule is determined. This phase will last from two weeks to ten weeks depending on the type of materials ordered.
  3. The Construction Phase is when the actual installation work is completed. This is when your existing kitchen or bath is being torn apart and when the new items are being installed. This phase will last anywhere from two weeks to eight weeks depending on the complexity of the project. Your project will be substantially complete at this point and will be in usable condition.
  4. The final phase is called the Wrap-Up. As your project nears substantial completion, your consultant will draw up a final punch list of any touch-up items left to be completed on your contract. Your consultant will provide a final timeline for finishing these items and arrange for all necessary work and final inspections as needed.

As you can see, because we offer so many remodeling options, timelines for your project from beginning of design to completion can vary. If your project is to have a major remodeling component, then you will need to plan ahead.

How soon can you start my project?

Once the contract is signed and all permits are received from the city or county, we schedule our subcontractors to begin the work, and we place the orders for all the material. The lead-time is typically based on the cabinetry or plumbing order interval since that takes the longest. We have the option of subcontracting from several qualified installers so your project can begin when all the parts arrive.

Do you carry insurance?

Yes. Reed Design Build carries both liability and workers compensation insurance. In addition, all of our subcontractors are required to carry both of these types of insurance prior to being hired by Reed Design Build.

What kind of a warranty does Reed Design Build have?

Reed Design Build will warranty the materials supplied and installed by us for one year against defects. All articles supplied by Reed Design Build, but manufactured by others, shall be covered by the manufacturers warranty. For a complete explanation of the warranty, ask your designer. A copy of all warranties will be given to you at the completion of the project.

Does Reed Design Build belong to any professional organizations?

Yes. Reed Design Build belongs to the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA). In addition, they participate in the National Association of Remodelers Institute (NARI) training seminars.

Does Reed Design Build have a license?

Yes, a license is required and Reed Design Build has a licensed contractor who is the owner of Reed Design Build of Naples. We may also be retaining the services of qualified subcontractors to work on your project such as licensed plumbers, electricians and carpenters.

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