Remodeling Project: Luxury Kitchen

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Luxury Kitchen with High End Custom Cabinetry Remodel

The original kitchen was dark, uninviting, cutup in many places, and just did not function the way it should. The cabinets were short and squatty (36” uppers) against the 16 foot high ceilings. There was no place to put her cherished decorative pieces except on top of the cabinets to help give them height. The outdated drywall faux painted range hood also shared art pieces that hung from the front of it. The walls were faux paint a goldish color against white wash cabinets which ended up looking pink against the faux finish of the walls. There two narrow doorways one went into the dining room and the other into the hallway. There was very little light in the kitchen give the room a cheery welcoming feeling. It felt more like a dark, dingy place to be.

The Full Kitchen Remodel Project

The finished room was absolutely breathtaking. The cabinets were from Wood Harbor, custom gray (Sherwin Williams) painted shaker door with accented maples wood stained island, and glass door buffet which now accents her decorative china pieces. The new cabinet height was now 120” from the floor (42’ Uppers) plus the top cabinets (24” Upper) had glass doors which displayed all the decorative collector’s pieces that once sat on top of the cabinets collecting dust, The doorways were widen into the hallway and dining areas and finished off with glass French doors that could be completely opened for a spacious glamorous look. The new island has a marble counter top and a decorative lighted accented ceiling above. The chandeliers above the island were custom made glass to match the dining room chandeliers giving the room an elegant glowing appearance. The existing marble floors were restored and cleaned and enhanced the new kitchen cabinetry. The appliances were stainless steel , the LeGrande under cabinet LED lights, and recess ceiling can lights brought seriously needed light into the kitchen. The new kitchen brings new life to this family and a great fun place for family and friends to gather and socialize.

By the end of the project, $150,000 was invested towards remodeling this Naples home into a dream home with the ideal, luxurious kitchen!