Well, folks, we have made it to the end of yet another year. A wild ride of a year, to say the least. There are many different lessons this year has taught us. It has taught us all how to work pretty much every video-calling platform there is; it’s taught us to cherish sharing an environment with our co-workers and to spend more quality time with family & friends every chance we get. There are many different lessons 2020 has taught us, and despite the negative, there is always a positive perspective to look at.

We would love to jump into ‘Our Remodeling Recap of 2020’, and share some of our completed projects of the year. At the beginning of the year, we took a look at the remodeling trends that were gaining popularity. We got to see earthy neutrals come back into style and silver hardware fade to the background as matte blacks and beautiful golds made their way to the front. As time goes on, the current trends change, and new styles become popularized. Our job is to utilize the current trends of the design world while designing an easily adaptable space to the times.

IMG_5407All white everything was at the forefront of everyone’s minds for the past handful of years. Every photo of a kitchen or bathroom in any style magazine would be a shimmering white. With the white cabinetry, white walls, and very few pops of color. While an all-white look is certainly a gorgeous and luxurious look, it was exciting to see something new take over the design world.

The idea of adding back in those earthy colors like shades of brown, green, and blue was to bring human beings back to their roots. There are many ways to incorporate these colors into a room. Whether that be like the master bathroom photo on the left, it’s still very neutral, yet both equally bright and warm with the light tan walls & creamy brown cabinetry. However, there are also ways to incorporate those earthy colors by adding a bit more of a pop! The guest bathroom below shows stunning white with a pop of deep blue for the cabinetry. The blue cabinetry even brings out the colors on the tile flooring.

IMG_7033-2Spy the gold hardware in the shower, sink, and cabinetry pulls? It’s fun to be a bit out there with your design process. There is no rule book when it comes to designing your dream home. There is no one size fits all, or your idea is too far out there. Those thoughts are not welcome in the design world. It’s about being creative with your space and letting your personality reflect the remodeling process.

There are a million ways to implement the year’s trends while staying true to your own personal style. Thank you for yet another great year of business & we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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