Jewelry for your Cabinetry

January 6, 2014 by Reed Design Build

TopKnobsJewelryAdYou will often hear designers refer to cabinet hardware as the “jewelry”.  Coordinating your hardware to match your faucet, tile or appliances is a good way to add the finishing touch, that completes the ensemble.  Like jewlery, cabinet hardware comes in an array of styles, colors and designs.  Finishes that were once popular such as polished brass are now being replaced with new chrome, brushed nickel and bronze hardware.


The cabinet hardware can be grand statement piece or and understated accent to compliment the decor.  When selecting the hardware, look for knobs and pulls that are not only only beautiful but practical as well.  Just like you would try on jewelry to see if its comfortable to wear test out your cabinet hardware to see if it will be comfortable to use.

With so many options available cabinet hardware, is yet another place you can personalize your design.

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