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In the last blog post, we talked about the trending colors for this 2020 year! Today, we’re sharing exciting ways you can implement those trending colors into your home. Here’s a little refresher on the 2020 colors: Earthy shades of greens and blues. Brown based colors like buff, mocha, and ivory, as well as jeweled tones. These are more than just pretty colors. They stimulate a sense of comfort to our brains, bringing us back to our roots with colors from the earth around us.

Behr_ Preview the Trendy Colour Palette of The Year 2020

More than Just a kitchen: what do you use yours for?

What once was just a place to simply cook and eat your daily meals has now become a multi-functional space. From the many technological advancements to aiding in wellness and sustainability, people love their kitchens for far more than they were once used for. According to a Consentino survey, 43% of respondents eat their main meals in the kitchen. Another Cosentino survey states that 29% of respondents use their kitchens as a hosting space, 11% use it as a workspace, and 17% for other daily tasks.

Do you use your kitchen for anything other than cooking and eating meals?


Bathroom: Building your in home spa

Treat your master bath as if it’s your own at-home spa! This room is a place where you go to set up your entire day. You get ready, refresh, primp, and prepare your day in this room. It’s also the room you go to when you need to relax after a long day with a nice hot shower or long bubble bath. A bathroom is way more than just a room with a toilet, sink, and shower. As silly as it sounds, this is a place where people go to escape and unwind from a hectic schedule.

Trending Bathroom Features

Shower ledges are the new thing in the design world when it comes to bathrooms. They’re a fun and convenient way to spice up your shower while keeping it practical for storage and space. Running a ledge along the length of your shower gives room for all of your shower essentials and lots of seating space!

Another unique bathroom trend is freestanding tubs! Who doesn’t love a good bubble bath? Especially if your bath looks like one of these beauties. This trend is not limited to your standard freestanding bathtub. People are now getting creative with the shapes and sizes of them as well. These tubs are perfect for that in-home spa feel.

Shower bench – 2019 - Shower Diy

Native Trails Avalon Freestanding Soaking Bathtub | Perigold

Gold Sinks

Trending Fixture Features

The thing about trends is they fade. However, the fun thing about this year’s trends is they’re the right mix between neutrals and statement colors, making them perfect for years and years to come. We’re finally saying goodbye to dull old fixtures in the home. You know the ones. Think silver, grey, and white faucet fixtures and basic handles. Say hello to beautiful shades of gold and black accessories throughout your home. It’s such a great way to add a statement piece to any space.

Latitude Run Murray Pull Out Single Handle Kitchen Faucet | Wayfair

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Trending Technology

As if we needed any more technology, right? When you see these incredible gadgets, you just might want to get your hands on them. Touch screen refrigerators are the perfect focal point for any kitchen. They’re stainless steel refrigerators that include a family hub that lets you add photos of your children and grandchildren, make notes and voice memos for remembering grocery lists, and see inside the fridge without actually opening the door! Wow!

This next trend is perfect for those who are looking to up their in-home spa a notch. Saunas aren’t just for your vacation getaways. They can be an excellent addition for anyone looking to improve their stress and overall health and no more sharing a space in the sauna with a stranger at the gym.

You can enjoy it from the comfort of your own home. Rain showerheads are another great trend that everyone will want to get behind. It’s out with the old and in with the new. After replacing your old showerheads with these peaceful rain showerheads, you’ll never want to go back. While you’re at it, why not add some soothing lights for added relaxation, huh?

What’s your favorite trend this year? Is it the stunning gold fixtures or the circular freestanding tubs? Let us know!

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