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Over the past few months, we’ve been taking the necessary precautions we need to ensure client and employee safety. We hope that you and your family have been staying safe during this difficult time. Before the COVID-19 outbreak, we were working diligently on a 2020 Design Trend Seminar that focused on the trending colors and styles of the new year, as well as how to implement them into your home. Since we haven’t been able to gather over the last few months and enjoy each other’s company while learning about these trends, we’re happy to share them in blog form with you today!

Behr_ Preview the Trendy Colour Palette of The Year 2020

Trending Colors of 2020

Earthy shades of greens and blues. Brown based colors like buff, mocha, and ivory. & Jewel tones. These are the highlighted colors for this year! 


Inspirations Behind The Colors

These earthy colors were inspired by the outside world around us! Think greenery, flowing water, and natural sunlight. There is such a strong desire for calm in this increasingly busy society we live in. Everybody wants to escape their day to day life nowadays. People are craving to slow down and disconnect, especially in their own homes. These colors promote a calming, spa-like atmosphere we all could benefit from! Staycation anyone?!


Health Promoting Benefits

These colors have been proven beneficial for physical and emotional wellbeing. Homeowners are moving further away from a clean, white, and balanced look to softer, warmer, and more natural tones. If you look at the color red, what do you feel? Is it warm and cozy? Or does it make you feel anxious, uncomfortable, and irritable? Color psychology is a real thing! Different colors promote different sensations in your brain. This is why it’s essential to choose a color that fits the room you’re designing and reflects a specific feeling when in that room.

For example, you may find Benjamin Moore’s color “Cushing Green” to be stress relieving and happy! This is precisely why it’s now one of the trending colors for kitchen cabinets, accents walls, and bathroom tiles. Ask yourself how the colors shown above make you feel! They remind us to reconnect with our roots of nature and satisfy the consumer demand for tranquility.

What do you think about the trending colors of this year? Do you prefer the all-white look instead, or is this something you’re excited about? Let us know in the comments we’d love to hear your thoughts!

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